Everybody in the SEC know how TCU Feels

if you play Georgia or Alabama, it is not fun. A beatdown awaits you.

Don’t tell Shorthorns or Sooners. Let’s surprise them.


After watching that game, both schools make decide not to come. :smile:

The selection committee got what they ask for by not including Alabama.


I agree. Bama should have been in the 4, but college football is just tired of the SEC and its dominance.
I am too, but they are both superb programs who are wideniing the gap in college football.

How do you take Bama over Tennessee?

Tennessee lost their starting QB to injury, they weren’t viewed as the same team anymore.

So we are going to put teams in based on what the public “views” them as and not results on the field?

If results don’t matter lets just put the top 4 teams with the highest composite recruiting rankings over the past four years in.

Yep, expanded field is to allow other teams like TCU to play but TV $ says you got to put best teams in there for fans to value system. Issue is top SEC schools lose one and they are out now, other conferences do not play the same week to week schedules as SEC. That is why the results are what they are when playoffs come about. Think Bama, GA. LSU, and Tenn and next equal programs now. OSU, Clemson, Michigan ? USC?, ND? Texas, Penn State, Oregon, ACC? Big 12?. SEC will still have great chance for success under new rules. Should SEC team other than the big four make it to the playoffs , likely they will fair ok given the schedule they had to overcome. TCU, Oklahoma, ND have failed that test. Fans want and like the underdog but that is not likely when you give teams a month to rest up and study the other teams.

No one loss SEC team has ever failed to make the playoff

We only have one more year of the old format, but until then, a two-loss team is out. Bama lost twice to teams that Georgia beat decisively.

You think Bama should have been in? Then you should be heavily in favor of the 12-team format.

I didn’t see it, but I was told at halftime David Pollack said something about Georgia being the new standard in college football with Nick Saban on the set, and Saban looked like he had just swallowed some actual rat poison.


I understand. With LSU and Tenn , there is greater change of SEC championship games have one loss teams playing in future. Should that happen it would be hard for me to think that a two loss SEC still might not be one of best teams. I guess I am saying all wins and losses are not equal but they are the results of on field action and should stand. I doubt TCU gets beat by GA as bad as last night if they play a three game set or full schedule like Ga played but that is not the question. I am sure GA was glad to play TCU rather than BAMA but they would showed up and played well and it would have been more competitive game. Fans and TV want that as compared to a baby seal clubbing like last night.

Depends on how you define “playoff.” Back when it was two teams, Auburn was undefeated and didn’t get to go.

I define playoff by when the sport started… wait for it… the college football playoff

Butttt, you wanted to go back to newspaper champs. Back when the winner of the SWC went to the Cotton Bowl, the winner of Big 8 went to the Orange, the winner of the Big 10 to the Rose, the Winner of the Pac 8/10 to the Rose. The winner of the SEC to the Sugar. The top teams rarely played each other. Play the bowls, let the newspapers call the champ.

When it went to a COMMITTEE picking two teams to play for the title, hmmmm. That is a playoff! It was a big improvement over the old system.

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Yeah, they’re supposed to pick the 4 best teams, that’s not what they do though. That’s why they’re expanding, that way that hot team that may have lost a game or two still has a chance. No doubt it will lead to a few stinkers but it will also lead to some epic games and at some point presumably an all-SEC final 4.

Correct. I don’t think there was anything wrong with it

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How do we know that?

Who were the 4 best teams this year? Or rather, who would you have put in?

LSU lost two games in OT, one to us in the last game of the season, at their place, when we had McFadden, Felix Jones, and Peyton Hillis. I was there. They wound up playing for the National Championship and winning it.

Alabama lost two games, both away games, one in OT and one in the last seconds of regulation. To two pretty darn good teams. I think this is comparable to LSU back then.

Did I think Alabama was one of the best 4 teams in the country? Absolutely. But did I think they belonged in the playoffs? Close call, but probably not. But I thought the better argument was picking them instead of Ohio State, not TCU, since Ohio State got killed in their last game and Alabama had two close losses. Again, this had nothing to do with how good I thought Ohio State was. And I was worried to death they’d beat Georgia given their motivation having been given a second life.

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