Every year...

It seems like we find a new way to lose to them every year. Oh well, could have have been tied for overall SEC, now West is gonna go to the wire!

We coulda, shoulda won this game. The base running mistakes and the lack of clutch hitting just did us in. You could see this coming after leaving all the men on base. It was a game of lost opportunities.

LSU allowed only 2 runs, so you have to give them credit for salvaging one game.

Connor Noland pitched a solid 5 innings or so. He is going to be a real good pitcher for us the next 2 years.

Hey 3 days ago I would have been very happy for a 2-1 split

Hate to lose but winning the series is the main thing.

its how we lost that ticked me off,we have had other games like it where we stranded runners all game and couldn’t execute.that’s what wins in the post season and we have done pretty well with it but some days we can’t get the runs in and lose. have to execute with runners on 3rd and less than 2 out and we didn’t today.

It just stinks to hit into a 5-2-3 double play with the bases loaded! It also stinks to pinch hit McFarland and on a 3-2 count he fouls off 2 pitches that were balls and he would have walked them looks at the beat pitch of the AB to strike out looking! It also stinks some of the the strike calls the home plate umpire made on 3-0 and 3-1 counts on our hitters! We had a poor day at the plate with runners on base! It’s over but we won the series.

This team toyed with LSU the first couple of games and our focus was lacking the last game… maybe a lesson, maybe not. As mentioned, our pitching was really good and should have been plenty to win… Noland looks more the part as each game passes. People are really starting to notice the Hogs across the media landscape and we should get a National Seed which is critical.

They’ve also won a few they shouldn’t have. It balances out.

This a team that no one picked to win the West, much less the overall.

It has overachieved, not undereachieved.

It is difficult being a baseball fan, sometimes. Football, in particular, gets you in the mindset that you have to win every game. Baseball is a grind (hate that football stole that metaphor) where simply winning series (2-1) is enough. Yes, we are playing for a Super Regional Host site so you hate to miss out on sweeping a series against a rated team.

Two wins vs A&M and you only have to avoid 0-2 at Hoover to get a national seed.

I like that we were in a close game. And, still seems like DVH is exploring bullpen and bench depth.

who said anything about underachieving??? everybody knows we have exceeded expectations and are absolutley giddy about it but no excuse whatsoever in losing that game yesterday and making next weekend much harder than it should be. thats all OP was saying

It’s real simple Youdaman. There are 4 losses in conference play that stink!

  1. Game 1 at home against Ole Miss.
    we lost 4-3
  2. Game 1 at Vandy
    We lost 3-2
  3. Game 3 at Kentucky
    We lost 3-2
  4. Game 3 at home LSU
    We lost 3-2
    In every one of these game we had our chances. But the LSU game we had the lead late and just blew it! It’s not about what the expectations were before the season began. It’s about what happened on the field and at the plate! Those 4 conference games should have been wins!
    There’s one non conference game that sticks too!
    Game 2 at Texas. We lost 7-6
    Our pitchers gave up 14 walks! Texas had 1 extra base hit in the game. Total hits for Texas had 14 walks that allowed them to win!
    The hogs had 9 hits, 4 BB and we had 4 doubles! There’s a game that makes you wonder. On the positive side of things those are the games where DVH gets experience for the young pitchers and learns a lot about the abilities they have.
    There may be be a few of those pitchers we may not see on the mound again this year or in the future.
    The other day someone mentioned LHP. We have 3 or 4 that just don’t command the strike zone. Maybe some of those young men get it together.
    Next week will be a dig fight in Aggie land.

Your texts sure seem like it at times, especially sometimes when you make it seem as if the other team doesn’t have talent as well.

LSU won the third game because Antonie Duplantis went yard in a clutch situation and the relief pitcher gave up one hit over four innings.

Completely agree Dudley.

no LSU won the game b/c we stranded runners on 3rd and less than 2 outs twice and got nothing out of it plain and simple,why I said its “how” we lost that was upsetting. Talent??Dudley their starter had a 7+ ERA(gave up 7 runs and 8 hits to OM last week in 2 innings!) and we did nothing with him so that’s on us,would have been different if he was a starter with a low ERA so their was no use to give them credit 9/10 times we blow the game open is my point. Thought i was clear in what I posted but obviously not.