Every wholehogs link

Tells me my screen name has been taken. I can’t begin to guess how long I’ve been a member of hawgs illustrated with the same screen name. Shows I’m logged in. This is just as inconsistent as scout used to be. I have called customer service numerous times. Last time was yesterday and they had no clue how to fix problem. They can’t seem to fix anything. And on game week. The first game. Is it only me?

Long process today to get me going and consistent

It’s frustrating I know as kick off looms

Good luck

Please check your PMs.

Who the heck knows

If you are using a desktop, look at the top of the page. You’ll see the logo, then a row with forums, football, etc. The row below that has private messages.

Have called three time and customer service has no clue why your site doesn’t work on desktop. So I am relegated to accessing this site on iPhone or iPad. I went to faq section, guess what, my screen name is already in use so in essence the site is useless. My suggestion would be to include the article in the post instead of providing a link that doesn’t work. That can’t be that hard to do. It pretty apparent the technical problems r getting more frequent and worse by the day

My new hero. Got me up and running on iPhone and iPad. If you receive the message screen name taken, scroll down to a link provided to edit profile and re enter your screen name and all is fixed. As frustrating as this migration has been it is equally impressive the customer service clay and Matt have provided. Exceptional and cudos to those guys. Impressed. Thank you Matt.

I can’t even log on to through my ipad or iphone. It’s desktop only now. And it won’t remember my login. I haven’t had a chance to call yet but I hope to today.