Every time I reach out to

the '24 and '25 kids that LB coach Michael Scherer is recruiting, they say he’s in touch with them.

Highly recruited 4-star sophomore LB Kelvin Riggins told me last night he talks to Scherer often. Coaches weren’t; able to directly contact '24s until Sept 1. The '24s were consistent prior to the 1st in saying Scherer was always in contact. You have to work hard in recruiting and Scherer does.

He’s not the only one on the staff that does this but since Kelvion told me what he did last night I thought I would pass along.

It’s much harder to make contact with kids when you have to go through a third party (HS coach, trainer, etc).

I’m still stunned that we’re already recruiting ninth-graders. I remember when nobody got recruited until about October of their senior year. If then.

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