Every team is ranked

Every Razorback team that is in season is nationally ranked this week.

Women’s Cross Country: 9 (Coaches)
Football: 10 (AP)
Soccer: 14 (Coaches)
Men’s Cross Country: 14 (Coaches)
Volleyball: 24 (Coaches)


How many other SEC teams can say that, Matt?

In those five specific sports, only Arkansas.


Outstanding, WPS

Soccer had fallen out of the rankings after the opening loss to Saint Louis. Just re-entered this week. I wondered if they would given the draw with BYU which turned around and lost to Utah Valley, but I guess 1-0-1 on the road was good enough.

Beating Michigan State was a good win, too.


Shameful that mens XC is 14th, wish HY would make some changes to the track program

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Man, we are spoiled. 14th in the country is seen as not good enough?

There’s something that is a lot different now than what John McDonnell faced. There are schools that essentially blow off track, indoor and outdoor, and focus on XC. They don’t recruit sprinters and jumpers and throwers, they load up on distance runners. Ole Miss is one of those. So is Okie Lite. The Hogs have run in one meet so far, finishing second to Okie Lite (which is ranked #2 this week) at Stillwater in a close race (we had 3 runners in the top 10, they had 4, and that was basically the difference). Weird thing is, Tulsa finished last in the team standings at Stillwater and are still ranked #6. Which tells me the voters aren’t paying a lot of attention yet.

Next race is Chile Pepper in Fayetteville the day before the Bama game, by the way. So we’re not giving them any new data points for a while.

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Razorbacks sports have become a juggernaut in the college sports world, our coaches and HY are producing high quality teams throughout the Duffy sports. As a state the Razorbacks have provided our high school kids a opportunity to play on a top 25 team in most all sports for the home state they live in. It’s exciting as a sports junkie to be fortunate enough to move through the year rooting for the Hogs in many different sports mens & women! WPS

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To expand on Jeff’s post, by focusing solely on one area, those schools are able to offer a lot more scholarship money to the elite runners. It would not be surprising if some of the distance factories have runners on full scholarship.

Compare that to Arkansas, which is trying to be competitive in cross country and during the track seasons. There are 12.6 scholarships to fill the roster of 40 or so athletes that are necessary for that type of philosophy.

Arkansas should have a team that competes for a national championship during the track season. I think the presence of Ryan Crouser and the addition of John Newell as a throws coach have attracted some of the nation’s best throwers, an area the Razorbacks typically have not paid a lot of attention. Arkansas could score a lot of points in the throwing events for at least the next year or two.


And then there is this.

Great time to be a Razorback!

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This ain’t gonna hurt either.

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