Every series in the SEC is a war

SEC stats only we are hitting .264 and Tam.260. ERA we are 5.67 they are at 5.94 yet we are 9-3 and they are 3-9. Wick needs to come and get us off to a great start.DVH said it best you just throw out the record books go out and play your best and you got a chance to win

No team in the SEC is going to be an easy win.

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Our OBP in conference play is .382. Theirs is .335. That’s a big reason for the discrepancy. We will flat out work some walks. That, and our slugging percentage is 33 points higher.

Yep, we are #1 in the country in drawing walks with 204 on the year so far.

Being #1 in the country in Home Runs just might have a little to do with that…


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We’ve only had one intentional walk in SEC play, to Robert Moore. Now they may be nibbling at the corners trying to keep from grooving one to us, but they aren’t blatantly pitching around people.

That’s exactly the point I was making. You try to “nibble” and unless you’ve got exceptional control (which most college pitchers, even in the SEC, do not) and you’re definitely going to walk more than you would otherwise. I do believe that many of our guys are well disciplined at the plate as well, which increases the BOB even more. But I believe there is a definite “fear factor” working in our favor.

And, of course, the more on base PLUS LOTS of HR’s = high scoring offense. We are 6th in the nation in runs scored per game (8.5).

Speaking of high-homer teams, Northwestern is the only D-I team who homers more often than we do; they’ve hit 2.14 dingers per game through 21 games. We’ve played 12 more games, so we have a lot more homers, but we’re at 1.91 per game even after 8 on Wednesday.

So I looked up their schedule. They’ve only played three home games so far against an all-Big Ten schedule. They’ve played 7 of their 21 games in the Vikings’ stadium in Minneapolis, which I had no idea could be configured for baseball. And four of those were against Penn State, not Minny. No idea what the dimensions of their home field are, or if the wind blows out like their nearby neighbors at Wrigley, but they haven’t played there enough to get much help. But the Vikes’ stadium is only 300 down the line in right, albeit with a 34-foot wall. I did find that they hit nine homers in a game at Illinois two weeks ago.

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