Every good season has a game like this

Where you pull a win out against all odds. I’m still sweating, but swelling with pride!

Yep. Makes you believe “OmaHogs”.
These Hogs are juiced. The attitude is spreading.

I’m still giddy. Roller coaster of emotions through this game. WPS

I’m trying to think if I’ve ever seen a walkoff hit in the eighth inning. At any level. I know high school games are seven innings but I’ve actually never seen a high school game; my HS didn’t start playing baseball until about 25 years after I graduated.

I must say that I got considerably warmer in the eighth.

Oh, and my rally hat is why the OmaHogs won.

Having to play against the clock added to the adrenaline. Then again, once the Hogs tied it up, all the pressure was on USC. It was one of the few times in baseball when you say, “Well, at least we’re not going to lose. May tie, but won’t lose.”

It’s what separates the good teams. I still think this team has a lot of potential. You start with pitching. Dave Van Horn and Wes Johnson have a track record with figuring out pitching. And, they have a talented stable of good arms.

Even today, I’m still excited about the comeback. I was telling a friend today how it played out. (He’s a Hog fan, but doesn’t follow them as avidly as I do.) I’ve read a couple of posts that talk about how early this is & we shouldn’t have been so down or frustrated by the losses, etc. I understand that & generally agree with it. However, I’ve seen us blow our chances to get seeded for a Super Regional too many times because of early season bad losses. Those can still happen & even if we don’t land a Super (or even a regional), we can still get to Omaha. But we improve our chances if we play at home–besides, I want to see them in person. Life is more fun at Baum.