Every fan base has sickos

Yeah Ohio state’s got some serious psychos and sicko’s probably the most obnoxious fan base I’ve dealt with leading up to our bowl game with them.

They are entitled. That they are the Alabama of the North.That they should be in every National Title game just because they are “THE. Ohio State Buckeyes”.

This is really sad, no excuses for this type of fan behavior, and yes I remember the terrible incident(s) within our program. Don’t recall the Michigan games, but this young man was a Heisman finalist and played an outstanding game in the playoff, but even if he stunk the field up, nothing justifies this.

I wish we could catch all the people who do this sort of crap. Most of them are just blowhards, but they can induce real fear. We still don’t know if Brandon Allen’s truck was targeted or if he was the victim of a random crime, but “fan” reaction is always a scary possibility.


If they are doing that to the OSU quarterback, God help the kicker…

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You Threw a Pick, So I Burned Your Truck, would’ve made a great country song.

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Number 7 was outstanding and from reports, seems to be a good guy; however, even if he is the biggest ahole there is and could never complete a pass, this is uncalled for.

As mentioned above, the kicker better go to Russia or some place. I think he has made a very high percentage of his kicks, but missed a key, long one so I guess he need be shot as well. Just crazy. You think he wanted to miss the kick?

How did Cam get out of Dallas alive? Or how about KJ for that matter? Why are they still on the team? Totally insane how some fans react.


Too many fans seem to gain their self-esteem from whether their team succeeds.
And, too many people in our society are just plain mad too much of the time.


Couldn’t say it better.

Some people need to look at themselves real hard and realize they need to put more effort into the things that really matter in life.


A 50-yard field goal is certainly no give-me.

It is not. Especially under those circumstances. I feel for the young man. A little. I’m still glad he missed it.

I spend a good deal of time at youth sports games. Baseball, Basketball and Wrestling. Seeing parents act like idiots is sad. It happens more often than you would think.

A former “friend” absolutely despised Carson Shaddy. He was blamed for the loss in the CWS. This person told his mother what a worthless player he was. And when they found out it was his mother, they doubled down. They also said that they were glad that they didn’t attend the Arkansas Hall of Fame induction for DVH since Shaddy was one of the speakers.

All of that was enough for me to say, nope, I want nothing to do with that sort of thinking.


Unfortunately there are a lot of people who not only think that way, but celebrate it in others.


There are no words strong enough to describe that sick person. That’s beyond sad. She is not one of us. Thankfully :rage:

That is absolutely disgusting

Now Danny, I didn’t say it was a “she.” But no, she is not one of us.

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The person has serious issues.

My wife pinched my ear for you…… :wink: :joy: