Eventually, college basketball must adopt...

Eventually, college basketball must adopt something similar to college baseball.
put a bit more of the power back in the hands of the player being drafted. If he
is unhappy with his draft location or offer he can decide to return to school for
one more year. The NBA certainly would not like this, but in my opine, screw
the NBA, this is about the college athlete. The NBA will adapt.

I’d really like to see the baseball formula for college basketball. They have the
NBA developmental league for those that want to skip college, but if you enroll
you guarentee 2 years (or 3 like baseball) and have an option to return if you
are unhappy or cannot negotiate what you want. But after you return, the next
time you enter the draft, your college eligibility is over. Basically you have one
opportunity to leverage your position or money or return, the next time your
committed to the NBA draft process.

The recent article about baseball scholarships convinced me that the baseball players don’t have an easy decision since many are paying for most of their college education. Given the opportunity to make some money in your sport, or come back to college where you have to pay to play would give me pause. If I were a football or basketball player and had the opportunity to return without having to burden my family or myself with college expenses, then I might make a different decision. There have to be rules about professional drafts. I’m not sure what the correct set of rules should be. It doesn’t make sense to allow players to choose where they want to play–otherwise, they’d all go to a nice town or a winning team. The weak programs in cruddy locations would never get out of the ditch.

Once more:


It’s the NBA that decides when they can draft players. And they really don’t give a flying flip whether college basketball is a good game or not, as long as the colleges serve them as a free training ground. The G League is never going to replace the colleges, which have more than 4000 players on scholarship at any one time just in D-I.

Could the NCAA adopt the model of letting players turn down the draft and go back to school? Yeah they could, but the dynamic is different. Gafford went later than he hoped but a high second round pick will still get a nice chunk of change. A lot better than a 29th round pick in baseball.

If the NCAA ever comes to its senses and starts letting players get NLI compensation, then they can have agents on board already to handle that and this sign-with-an-agent-and-lose-your-eligibility garbage will be history. Really, the most important decision of a kid’s life to that point and he can’t hire someone to help him navigate it? SMH

They have sort of given the players the baseball style leverage. You can dip your toe in the draft water, get evaluated; if you don’t like what you hear, back out and return to school. And you can do that once. But nobody is throwing dollar figures at the kids at those evaluation sessions.