Eventful Game 2

Trevor Stephan lost a perfect game in the seventh, the Hogs blew a two-run lead in the top of the ninth, then won on Luke Bonfield’s walk-off single in the bottom of the inning: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … de-island/

Stephan deserved much better than he got. He was brilliant. Those errors in the top of the ninth were nearly killers.

i love shaddy’s bat, but it seems to me that almost every game he makes either an error or a base running mistake, throwing error, something that hurts us. the error in the 9th was an easy double play ball that would have given our pitcher a well deserved win. kid pitched an awesome game and deserved better than a no decision. or course then you had bigger’s error to follow. felt bad for the kid. glad we came back and won. i know shaddy has played second base mainly, some third, a bit of catching. but hearing the broadcast on radio until i got home to watch, was shocked to hear our announcers talk about lack of double plays. i can see why after watching that routine play turn into an error last night and almost costing us a game. i wonder if its mental now for shaddy, he’s pressing it seems in the field. hope he snaps out of it, kid is an awesome hitter.

The error by Biggers was a real surprise. He had an opportunity to start a double play that would have ended the game. So it was not ALL on Shaddy. But if I were the coach, I would have to consider moving Shaddy to DH.

To me, this was somewhat of a tragedy. It could have been a tremendous tragedy if the Hogs hadn’t won. What a game Stephan pitched, one of the best in a long time for the Razorbacks. He absolutely deserved a win last night. I hope there is a lesson somewhere in all of this.

I felt really sorry for Shaddy. He looked like somebody punched him. I think some of it is in his head. But also, I think maybe he’s just not a natural infielder. He’s great at bat, and I’m sure he’s a wonderful teammate and leader, but he’s made a ton of errors. I’m thinking DH also. Some can do it there and others can’t. I know I never could. Fast ground balls just ate me up. He can be super valuable elsewhere.