Even with all those threes

My guesstimate is Troy scored its 61 points on 72 possessions. That’s about 0.84 points per possession which is pretty good D. We averaged right at 1 which is fairly mediocre, but good enough in this case.

I look at it from the stand point of they were averaging 86 points/game and only got 61tonight.


That too, but that’s somewhat tempo-driven. Also driven by playing three non-division-I teams. But they scored 79 against Florida State and didn’t against us.

Also, their 3-point percentage wound up slightly below their season average. They just took a lot of them, and didn’t make as many after halftime.

Tired legs shooting those 3’s. Troy ran out of gas.

Yes they did. Leading scorer out completely, one guy carted off on a stretcher after hitting his head, another fought cramps all night.

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