Even with a Heisman Quarterback

The mighty Petrino could not crack the LSU end zone and went 0-2 vs the down year SEC. CBB may or may not be the answer, but I see no reason to dream of going back for the future.

I wonder if he is going to drive off in a ditch with his mistress.

Now now. We do not know that he has another mistress. Nor do we know that he ever ran off into a ditch.

Austin Allen 291 yds
Lamar Jackson 10-27 186 yds

And in more apples to apples…

QB performance vs. LSU in 2016:
AA 15-31, 210 yards, 1 TD.
Heisman Boy 10-27, 186 yards, no touchdowns.

Petrino is a very good coach - particularly from an offensive perspective (pun intended).

But his program at Louisville is pretty much what he was here. The difference is the schedule. In the ACC, he has to contend with FSU and Clemson. In the SEC there was Bama, and LSU . . . and Florida, and Auburn, and Tennessee, and Georgia, and Ole Miss . . .

So, he’ll do well there. But what he still has to prove is that he can make it to the penthouse against the creme-de-la-creme elite. So far, he’s knocked on that door but it’s opened the wrong way and given him a black eye. Will he ever break through? I have my doubts.

The ACC is not chopped liver. In fact, it’s doing well in bowls. Ultimately, it’s an SEC-ACC matchup in the title game. There will be lots of SEC-ACC talk coming up and for the next nine months. It looks to me that Louisville and Arkansas are similar right now in that both lack offensive line ability. You can have a good quarterback, but you better be able to protect in the passing game and make holes for a running game. Didn’t see that consistently from either program.

At the top, I’d agree. The top 2 of the ACC are close to the top 2 in the SEC. Maybe 3. But top to bottom, the SEC is still better. Easily.

Oh, this particular season may not reflect on that as clearly as most. But you take any rolling 5 year period over the last 15-20 years and I’ll bet that the SEC had out produced the ACC using any significant metric you’d want to try. Head to head during the season, Head to head during Bowls, overall number of teams in the final Top 25, National Champions, players drafted by the NFL, etc. That won’t change a bit, even if Clemson were to upset Alabama next week.

Remember, just because Iowa State may beat OU in a given year, it doesn’t signal that there has been a changing of the guard - or even that the two programs are equal. It just means that Iowa state won A game. Same with this season, the SEC and the ACC.

Now, if they do it 3 years in a row . . . we may be onto something.

ACC clearly making ground on SEC

more than top two or three

petrino had success here that was fairly unique in our recent history

most of us enjoyed wining rather than losing … it was a while ago now…

surely we are approaching a statute of limitations on his crimes.
i keep wondering how long we celebrate his failures as our successes.

the psychology of this is interesting to me

I agree, Elvis. You don’t build the future by looking in the rearview mirror.