Even though it was inadvertant

I liked the foul by Black with 3 seconds left. How sweet was that, that the Sqawk Hawks made an intentional miss? I thought that when Muss put Ford in, that is what he was instructing him to do.


I did too. It was perfect. Either he gets the charge, and game over, or they don’t get to try the tying three and couldn’t even do the make-one-miss-one right.


surely that was intentional–and genius!


I don’t think fouling was intentional. Coming close to getting a steal, or even getting a charge, to seal the deal, was definitely intentional. But when the foul happened, I wasn’t disappointed.

Now if only our players can study the film so they can learn from Kansas’s intentional free throw brick how to make one of our unintentional free throw bricks go in anyway :joy:. We did fine at the line, but nice to have that luck as a backup plan when we have a crucial FT in a future Tourney game :smile:.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around unintentionally making an intentional miss. As fans we often put ourselves in situations and claim that " even I could gave made that shot",or caught that pass or made some sort of routine play. Well at the risk of sounding delusional, I will say with confidence, that I could have and would have, missed that freethrow!

That crossover move is in every team’s book to shoot a three ball with little time. Black didn’t want a foul (probably) but it was a heck of a lot better than giving them the three ball attempt… therefore, pure genius and should be part of our play book if not already.


I think the shot has to hit the rim. I don’t think a shooter can throw it hard against the backboard and then get the rebound. I suspect it’s pretty hard to be sure a shot hits the rim but won’t go through. Obviously shots do that all the time, but I bet it’s hard to make sure that happened

That was about as close to stationary as one could get without being stationary. I thought it should have been a charge. Generally, the ticky tack and faux calls went the other way. Amazing the Hogs won.


I would have gone with a straight line chest past at the front of the rim. I think that would have been easier than an arcing shot trying to hit the back of the rim. I am going to try that when I go to the gym today. I’ll take 10 shots at it and report back how many times I succeeded.

I thought so too Danny. It may not have been a blatant fix like we saw in our game with Carolina a few years ago, but I definitely thought there was a subtle effort to advance the Jayhawks.

It was miraculous that we overcame the slanted foul/no foul call in favor of Kansas. I believe in an honest, unbiased called game we would have won by 9-11 points.