Even the SEC network is doing Bama spin control

I make no bones I think if you bring a gun to someone late at night that is then used in a murder while you were there, then you have some level of culpability. But that’s not what this post is about.

Not only is Bama trying to spin this but the SEC Network is also circling the wagons.

I just watched SEC Now this morning (9:30cst episode). They spent a large amount of time praising Brandon Miller on his phenomenal performance in the face of “some off court distractions”. Praising him for his great play and making it seem the off court stuff was no worse than a jaywalking ticket. Stunning.

Now they did spend about a minute and a half on the case talking points but they only showed three. Basically they said there was a murder, Miles was dismissed from the team immediately, and Miller was just a cooperative witness. Then they spend another minute with a Bama issued statement that all but declared Miller is being wrongly accused and we stand behind him and he will keep playing for the basketball team.

“UA Athletics continues to cooperate fully with law enforcement in the on-going investigation of this tragic situation. Based on all the information we have received, Brandon Miller is not considered a suspect in this case, only a cooperative witness.”

“Today’s statement from Brandon’s lawyer adds additional context that the University has considered as part of it’s review of the facts. Based on all of the facts we have gathered, Brandon remains an active member of our team.”

In other words… Brandon didn’t touch the smoking gun and we want to win more basketball games so since we think it was just a wrong place wrong time incident he will stay on the team no suspension because we still want him winning games for us.



U knew they would.


Yep. The world is about MONEY. SEC Network counts on Bama to drive people to their channel. That’s the reality.

During the game last night, ESPN2 spent quite a lot of time discussing the situation, going back to the timeline of events on at least two occasions (once in each half IIRC).Their sideline guy, who was the same guy standing outside the UC hospital while Damar Hamlin was hospitalized, handled most of the discussion.

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