Even our best play of the game was tainted

By an idiotic, low class, selfish throat slashing gesture that should have resulted in a penalty. I know I’m a geezer, but I just can’t wrap my head around the reason for doing this. Can someone explain the rationale behind this for me? As much as I love to see us in the end zone, I sure hope I never see another Arkansas Razorback do that again.

Sorry to bump this, but I’m still looking for an answer as to why players do this. They have to know that is against the rules and will result in a 15 yard penalty if they get caught. The slash by K Hill lat year probably cost TCU that game. Incomprehensible to me that one of our players would do that one year after that. I know that Nance was not on the team last year, but surely someone has mentioned it.

For what it’s worth, Nance said the gesture was brushing off his jersey, not a throat slash, Bielema said after the game.

Michael Smith got on him hard on the sideline after the play.

The Big 12 ref came to Bielema after the play to say that they saw hand gestures but were not sure what it was either. I don’t think you’ll see him brush his jersey in any way in the future. Anything done quickly across the chest – no matter what it is intended to be – will be judged to be a throat slash move and nothing else. So you better not come close to anything that can be misjudged. I think that’s the coaching point, obviously.

Thanks Matt and Clay. I hope that’s all it was. At this point in the season, Nance looks like our best WR.

Good grief…look at the tape…it was clearly a throat slash…best to admit that, correct and move on

When I saw it why it looked to me like he was simulating brushing dandruff off his shoulder. Which is not the highlight of sportsmanship either but it’s not a throat slash

brushing dandruff off shoulder

he shouldve been penalized.


It was a throat slash…, own your mistake.

It was a throat slash, no question about it.

Well I think we have our answer Elvis. He was gesturing to the DB that he was head and shoulders better on that play. Still a taunt, but not a throat slash. It seems that Jonathan is a crafty, subtle, little taunter.

It was a throat slash that officials, if they see it, will call it 99% of the time. Even if he didn’t mean it to be one–if he was picking off dandruff, it’s still going to be called a slash.

I guess that the way to expend your energy so you can be flat the rest of the game. It was a throat slash! It should have been called. I guess he thought it was over he got his. Self acts like that don’t bode well for future sucess.

Of course it was a throat slash. Dandruff? Come on. Are we ignorant 15 year olds?