Even legendary coaches are stubborn.....

despite the fact that Tyler Davis WAS WEARING OUT North Carolina inside - Roy Williams stayed in man to man defense for most of the first half (really most of the game) as A&M went from 5 down to 17 up in the first half.

The same thing I was yelling at Coach Anderson when we stayed in man versus Butler.

He’s known for that and for not calling timeouts when the opponent goes on a big run. UNC fans have gripes about it for years and before that KS fans gripes about it.

Coaches normally play percentages. They do what has worked for them. Their future depends on it. Fansdon’t keep up with how many times it worked. They focus on the loss and analyse it as if that is what happens every time.

For example, Jim Boheim likes to foul up three without 9 or less seconds to go rather than let the opponent tie it with a three pointer. Almost cost him the game yesterday. But he will do it next time regardless if he had won or lost.

In real life we all play percentages.

Even coaches that are not legendary are stubborn. We’ve watched it for going on 7+ years.