Even if Gus has made a verbal agreement

I don’t think Gus will walk away from a opportunity to play for a NC. We can’t wait that long to hire a coach. If Auburn beats Georgia then I don’t think there is anyway he leaves Auburn. I’m not one of those poor little Arkansas people. I don’t care how many openings there are, we will end up with a good coach if the people with the money want it to happen. We have some of the nicest facilities in the country. Coaching candidates don’t care if Bielema was fired in a makeshift office or by carrier pigeon. I believe the Arkansas job is a good one and is perceived as such by many.

All the doom and gloom people can hide under a table while they’re waiting for the sky to fall. All the ‘nobody is going to want this job after the way Bielema firing was handled. We aren’t going to get a good coach becuase there are to many other jobs open, so why would any coach want to come to Arkansas when they could coach there? People are going to be wanting to fire the next coach in 3-5 years.’ It’s all nonsense. Nobody is going to want to fire the next coach if he is winning. Unlike Bielema, the next coach may actually win some games and have Arkansas in the top 20. The next coach may have Arkansas in the playoff in five years. Nobody knows who we are going to hire or how well he will do as our coach. If things don’t go the way some people want and expect it to go, then things have to be wrong and we should assume the worst.Things didn’t play out like I thought it should have so I’m going to take my ball and go home. Everyone else better take cover because the sky is falling.

I’m just going to sit back and let things play out. No point in worrying about who the next coach is going to be. I don’t think anyone here knows squat as far as who the next coach will be. It’s all rumors and guessing. Whoever it is, I bet it’s a good one.