Evan Lee to the Nationals

15th round Pick 461

If he was drafted that high, it’s a pretty good indication that he gave the Nationals a reasonable figure for a signing bonus.

i sure wish he would comeback,he could be a valuable asset to us next yr.He just needs to fine tune some things he could be an excellent pitcher but I know we signed some real good LH pitchers so he may see the handwriting on the wall…Matt could you repost where the players are going this summer to play…I really hope Fletcher retools his swing to look more like Bennetendi and comes back and kills it next yr

I do not have the full list yet. I have a request in for it.

That will be interesting to see which players are going to play summer ball and where. Fletcher just had a terrible start!
He will come back stronger! His swing looks long! It appeared to be quicker last year.

Fletcher had a great summer last year. I think he was MVP of the California league. He’ll play in Cape Cod this summer. There are better pitchers there.

I think it would be wise for Fletcher to really study Benny’s swing IMO its almost perfect slight uppercut and full of power and then be able to swing at strikes. Fletch is capable of huge numbers next yr.if he can put it all together.