Evan Lee signs

Evan signed with Washington yesterday. He received $125,000 plus living expenses and three semesters of tuition. He was a 15th-round pick.

Good for him. I wish he was coming back but maybe this is the best option. For whatever reason it just didn’t seem to work out here the way everyone hoped.

Did not get enough innings as pitcher and we had too many lefties in batting order for him to play. Cole was regular In RF. He wasn’t going to play ahead of Fletcher or Kjerstad, also lefties.

That doesn’t seem like much money to lure him to pro ball. I don’t know anything about his financial situation, but unless he looked to get little playing time next year, it seems to me he should have stayed. Regardless, it’s his decision & I wish him well.

Lee probably made the right decision. There wasn’t playing time for him here. Riding the wood for another year would not improve his draft stock. An alternative may have been to transfer to another school (a smaller program) to get playing time for next year and then turn professional while he still had remaining negotiating leverage. Of course, he might have been ineligible for transfer under NCAA rules. I would think that transferring from Arkansas to someplace smaller would be a pretty big letdown.

Remember too, they gave him a chance at 1B early in the season. It didn’t work out.

His father is AD at Bryant High School (someone mentioned financial issues).

Evan is an excellent student and will succeed whether it’s on the ball field or somewhere else.

I wish Even Lee all the success in the world. I thought Evan had just as good a record at Bryant as Blaine Knight, didn’t quite end up translating to college ball. However, the whole thing might have turned if he had come back next year. I think he made a mistake by leaving. He needed more playing time and more time to develop. But…it is definitely his decision to make. I understand a National League team drafting him. He is a pretty good hitter and if they can develop him as a pitcher, he could be a real asset to the Nationals organization.

Lee would have been good if given more chances.I though we would use him more to start in mid week games. when he is on his is very good.

I always thought Lee had the look of a good player. He just didn’t shine when he got his chances. It was going to be tough to break into the Hog starting lineup.

Says a lot about our program that guys who ride the pine are getting six figure signing bonuses!

Van Horn didn’t trust him unless he was pitching to a lefty. Last time he pitched to a right hander it left the park in a hurry.

And the last time he faced a left-hander he walked him in four pitches and was pulled. He just didn’t pitch or hit well at the end of the year.