Evan Daniels reporting Perry decommitted

Story says father health issues

Was pretty obvious after their non-denial, denial, that something was up. Unfortunate…

Saw that as well. I am glad he ended the drama.

We can still have our Hog 5 if DJ Weaver commits.

Can confirm Perry has reopened his recruiting and is no longer committed to Arkansas.

I may have overlooked this, but, Richard, do you know what his father’s health issues are? I pray for the young man to make the best decision for him and his family.

As soon as he started blowing up this spring I felt like this was likely. Then when there were rumblings a few weeks back I just wondered when he would do it. He got too big for Arkansas. I this day and age once you get to his level you don’t end up at Arkansas. Over the years I’ve gotten to where I don’t get excited about early recruiting because of things like this. Just hope he doesn’t end up at Kentucky…But he probably will.

The concerns are legit. I understand why this is happening.

I suspect he’ll stay close to home. Florida State would makes sense here.

I rather have him end up at Kentucky than another SEC school. One more five star won’t make that much difference at Kentucky.

Somehow I don’t think that this will dissuade Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, and others from trying to convince him that their schools aren’t too far from home.

He might go to a school other than FSU, but based off his father’s health I would think the Noles be the logical place.

Next. Hopefully the next is a three year guy, just what we win with.

This is not good for MA.

I am sorry, but he needs to step it up and start to recruit at a higher level.

Now it makes sense why I’d heard Florida State was an option.

Big loss, no getting around it. Dude is a stud. Total package. Will be interesting to see how they pivot from here. Still a decent amount of time and obviously no good staff ever stops recruiting.

Would be great if they could wind up with a combo type with some perimeter skills… obviously that’s what Perry was.

Perry might go to Kentucky or Duke or whoever. I can’t say that won’t happen, but his father’s health concerns are legit.

I made sure to add the info about his dad’s playing days in the story so people would know about his approximate age. Most parents of 16-18 years kids are a bit younger them Al.

You’re right: this isn’t good. But I don’t understand how you can blame CMA. He did recruit the young man. Sure, he had him and lost him, but without knowing all the details, it’s difficult to point fingers. I take the words of Mrs. Perry at face value, that a health issue is the main reason, until there’s evidence of that not being the case. We’ll see.

Richard, those are very fair comments. And, I must say upfront that I don’t know the situation as good as those of you who follow this closely. However, as I understand it, the stated reason why Perry decommitted was because of his father’s illness.

I did find interesting that in the tweets of the writer who broke the story tonight, he did not state that Reggie was likely to stay close to home. Rather, he said he would be highly sought after. Obviously, time will tell.

Also, there has been some speculation that an ESPN analyst was one of those who had perhaps been in Reggie’s ear during his recent trip to Europe. That same analyst criticized Ben Simmons if I remember for selecting LSU instead of one of the elite schools such as Kentucky, Duke, or Kansas.

It will be very interesting to see how this plays out, and also, how Reggie’s decision will affect his relationship with the Hawks.

I can not understand people putting this off on Coach A. Perry may still come to Arkansas. Where ever he goes, I hope it is the right place for him. I take the illness of his Father as just what it is and commend him for wanting to stay close. At least he is letting Coach A know now so Coach can recruit knowing that Perry may not come. We still have a great class coming this year, still have 4 commitments for the next year, and some great in state coming along after that.

Ridiculous thing to say.

So now CMA has to control the health of recruits parents??

Kentucky is looking for a few good fans and you sound like a great choice for them

Exactly. I get so tired of people blaming a coach for every decision a teenager makes about where he wants to go to school

I know where the Seth Greenberg stuff started and can confirm that it was an out of left field question that has turned into a baseless rumor.