Euthanize Razorback Football

Seriously tonight we had to beat FS Southside. Sometimes just admit you made an awful choice.

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It is utterly amazing to get on here and see people defending Morris. He’s awful. Just awful. He should be gone—he’s pathetic.

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Nobody is defending him, but people like me aren’t overreacting either.

Trying so hard to give coaching staff benefit of doubt.

Staff may be wonderful.

But they need take urgency pill fast.

Horrifying to lose this game.

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Overreacting? Not defending? Cmon man. You think this is OK?

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This is not okay… but boy there are no good answers.

Firing a guy after year two will be expensive and there will be some roster attrition.

However, if he stays there will be significant staff turnover and how do you attract quality assistants when everybody in the country knows you are on the hottest of hot seats going in to year three? How do you sell this program to recruits who know you are on the hottest of hot seats?

No good answers …HY has to decide which is the least bad one.


They aren’t uprooting families and damaging careers for a 1 year shot.