Eureka Springs

I could be wrong but I think someone mentioned trying to watch an Arkansas BB game while visiting Eureka Springs a few weeks ago and having a difficult time finding a spot to do so.

My wife and I spent a few days there last week and tried to find a place to watch the North Carolina game. The locals definitely don’t seem to be into the Hogs or sports in general. We ended up at the Basin Hotel bar where there was one TV. Another couple showed up later to watch the game and they were commenting on how no one seem to care or know about the game.

Eureka definitely marches to a different drummer than the rest of Arkansas.

Always has!

I love Eureka Springs. We used to spend spring break there every year. Generally, you are going to have to be in your hotel room to find a sporting event on TV. Folks there really like HGTV. Rebuilding old stuff gets them excited.