Ethel, put your clothes on...

the Hogs are streaking.

We are guaranteed of a winning road and winning road/neutral record now. You’ve had a good season when that happens.

We also passed a major test tonight. The Hogs have had a lousy record against good shooting teams this season, but we dispatched a club with a lot quality perimeter marksman tonight with the big fella playing limited minutes, no less. I was concerned about this game. Glad it’s over. Now we can enjoy one of the bigger games that Arkansas has played in quite some time. Bring on the Gators. It will be nice to play an all upside game for a change. An upset in Gainesville would be a national statement.

Great title for your post.
Hogs Win!

I wonder how many will get that reference.

Showing my age, I got it immediately.

One of the best comedic songs ever. Great BB points as well.

Ah yes, The Streak. Took me a few minutes to get that one. Boogety Boogety.

Right thar in the tomatoes…

Through the pole beans

I laughed out loud when I read the title. My mom and dad had a best of Ray Stevens vinyl record when I was younger. I knew “The Streak” and “Mississippi Squirrel Revival” by heart.

“I’s just goin’ down thar to get Ethel a snow cone. And here he come, right out of the cheap seats, dribbling, right down the middle of the court. Didn’t have on nothing but his PF’s.”

“I hollered, ‘don’t look, Ethel’, but it was too late. She’d already got a free shot.”

That song was hilarious. I was at the UA when the “week of the streak” happened. It was a short-lived rage all over the country. I never understood it, but it was a happenin’

Is this where “Don’t Look, Ethel!!” originates?