Ethan Long...former Hog baseball commit

I have heard/seen where at one point that Ethan Long (Arizona St) entered the transfer portal. I can’t find anywhere that says he has now.

If he does enter, does anyone know if we would have a shot since he was committed to us and then flipped to ASU on the last day. He would be an immediate impact player.

It was his teammate, Moss?, that entered the portal. There was speculation he might, but to my understanding, he isn’t in it as of today.

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Do we have a shot at Moss?

Haven’t heard, I read he visited OM.

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Ok thanks

Moss to aTm, they hired ASU’s hitting coach.

Oh ok that makes sense… I’m sure we’re looking at other God ones.

I would rather have Long but not sure if there is any interest from him coming

absolutely rumored to be strongly possible, unconfirmed but folks who passed on usually have inside connections. It is Ethan Long that is rumored.


So a definite maybe on someone not in the portal.

That would a Grand Slam Pickup for sure! but not going to get my hopes up just yet



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