Ethan Joseph per his twitter

RB/LB King’s Ridge Christian School Alpharetta Georgia


So I got a question, it says 4:06 pm on the 3rd? It’s 10:39am on the 3rd now.

When I click on the tweet is says 10:06 so who knows what happened with that weird time.

Same here, maybe just a glitch.

Is this the guy who’s the Preferred Walk-On that Richard mentioned a few days ago? I believe he said he could see him being another Hayden Henry.

Watched his highlights, and he looks like he could contribute at multiple positions.

You are correct…this is that kid.

Turning down a scholarship from Air Force, correct? He is not an ordinary “Preferred Walk on”.

We need linebackers so I hope he can fill some shoes.

Not to knock the kid but he seems pretty light for an SEC LB - more like 6’4" 250lbs.?

[quote=“hogfanfish, post:8, topic:47409, full:true”]
Turning down a scholarship from Air Force, correct? He is not an ordinary “Preferred Walk on”.
[/quote]Kudos to the young man, wps…transparency, I live 15 miles from him.

He will not be on the field against SEC teams for a while. If his speed is close to the time given and add 20-25# of muscle and we will see. He may be 6’2" and 230# a year from now. Do you discount the judgement of our coaches that much? They have coached in Georgia and they know the high school coaches and possibly his family and history.

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I dont discount their judgement, just hoping for the day we get commitments from 4 and 5* LB’s instead of walkons

Odds are better in the majority of time, but we have had some walk-ons that proved excellent SEC players. I am hoping that our coaches history and knowledge in Georgia high schools has tipped the scales on this recruit.

Looks like a player to me. I like anyone who turns down a scholarship to walk on.

Air Force doesn’t give scholies per se, since every cadet attends free/gets paid. But yes he had an offer to play at AFA.

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