Ethan Henderson

Will he have a roll on this team?

Good question. Our big men are Vanover, Smith, Jackson, Williams, Iyiola, Henderson. I don’t think Smith, Jackson can guard the post and Iyiola is out hurt. That leaves Vanover, Williams and Henderson. Out of those three, Henderson is the most athletic and quickest jumper who can be a pogo stick.

My guess is initially Henderson will not have much of a role. Williams and Hanover will share the 5 spot primarily. I think it is possible (may not be probable) Muss may learn down the road that we are not as good a rebounding team as he would like us to be and Henderson could start getting significant minutes. He has shown his athleticism can have a major impact on the game.

I am still surprised Ethan did not transfer out.

It’s rumored that Henderson is in the dog house for some reason… you may be right on the transfer.

It is not wise to be in the doghouse if you are at the far end of the bench. Short leash.

I sure hope there is nothing to these rumors. Ethan is carrying the banner of his AAU recruiting class and of those great Parkview teams of recent years. He’s the last man standing. Sure hope he gets it together and becomes the player we know he can be.

How good is Williams defensively? Henderson showed that he can rebound and block shots at a pretty high level in SEC play last year.

I have known Williams since he was a small kid. He’s a totally different player compared to Henderson. He will use his body and block a shot occasionally but he’s not a great jumper. My hope is now that he is working out with a real weight coach he will really become a more athletic player. Very skilled and very smart. I really think he will start around midseason if not sooner. Ethan is a great jumper and shot blocker and I hope he stays. Why would he leave at this point? He’s going to get some PT. Go back and watch the LSU game he completely changed that game.

DawgHOG below seems to know Williams well. I watched Williams against LR Catholic and in Hot Springs for the State Championships. What DawgHOG describes is what I saw. He is certainly not an athletic quick jumper as Ethan.

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