Ethan Henderson

He doesn’t get the pub, but I like his game. I know everyone will respond that he needs to get stronger, as they all do. I get that. He has game. Translatable game to this level this year. All these guys can run. It’s crazy. I really like his fit in the system.

I keep hearing he is wayyyyy behind. Hoping he can give us some rotational minutes. We shall see.

Yeah, I have heard that too, but think he can contribute. Looking forward.

He will get the pub eventually. He and Ali have the most upside of the freshman group, in my opinion. Watching these two develop is going to be intriguing.

In fact the way this staff develops players and coaches, watching this whole group grow as sophomores and juniors is going to be awesome. Just need to stay together.

Response: I doubt that seriously, this young man has played against all level of competition at the AAU level he is rated as a 4*, just might be a tad burnt-out maybe, regardless this coaching staff will wake him up, redirect his focus fire him up…where do you people hear such stuff and quick to repeat it as if it’s fact…I Can say I haven’t heard that!

I thought it was pretty feel known he was coming in as more of a project type as he is pretty raw, especially offensively. But from some who have seen some practices/scrimmages, that’s the word.

Ethan has the athleticism and quick leaping ability to be a good rebounder, shot blocker and a guy that can score with put backs, but he lacks a consistent shot and has to work on his ability to create. He has a ways to go.

I believe that comment you heard was about Ibby Ali.

Ali is the one who has the most to make up, not Henderson

If he can give us 5-7 quality minutes a night, I will be very happy. Perhaps by his junior year he will develop into a very good player and be a part of the rotation.

I think he will get minutes this year and more next season when Gafford is out the door.

Don’t think he will be waiting until he is a junior to contribute.

He’ll get better this year just going against Gafford and Chaney


Here is my thinking on the newbs and the impact they will make:

Instant impact/Start or start like minutes:

Going to play alot and will play alot but not as much as the above:

Project, long way to go, hope for rotational minutes:

Project, lonnnnnnng way to go, likely a human victory cigar role:

Total mystery man:
Phillips. I have no clue which category this guy ends up in, but am not gonna be surprised by any of the first three categories mentioned.

Agree completely on the group of 4, and in that order. On Ibby, if he can’t hone some basketball skills pretty quickly, CCM and Chavis need to take a look at him. Physically, he looks ready to be a D-1 TE or DE right now.

Seriously doubt that. Henderson will contribute as a freshman.

Geez you guys don’t pay attention.

We all have diferent sources and hear different things. It will be settled on the court. Not losing sleep over it,

Reply: well I can this with no hesitation that won’t happen as long as Ibby is on a basketball scholarship

Comments: wow! Write this down he will receive plenty of minutes this season…if not he won’t be there long, the same for Ibby. Mike doesn’t have spare scholarships for his bigs to ride the bench with him useless it is a medical hardship. He has several offers out there. Listen some of you people were saying the same thing about Gafford (he is a project ) until the basketball season rolled around and you saw him play when it counted. Henderson was a 4* his senior year in high school, Mike knows what he has regarding both young men.

Well, that’s certainly obvious. That’s why I said CCM and Chavis need to look at him to see if they want to give him a scholly. And, also (I thought), it was obvious that the post was “tongue in cheek”. I assume he’s never played football.