Ethan Henderson to Texas A&M

per his Twitter.

Wow. Just hate that he’s gone. To the Aggies?? Ugh!


Kind of a surprising landing spot. Wish him the best except when we play em.


Henderson could really help some team. He has some potential, but he just never got a lot of playing time. He did need to transfer to give him a chance to make his mark.

Was kinda hoping Ethan and Desi would land at UA-Darrell together. I don’t care for most SEC programs not named Arkansas, but the Aggies are my second favorite (by a long distance) SEC school. Gig most of em Ethan.

Wow!! Very interesting…

I was actually hoping the same thing, eagle. I’m a Darrell Walker fan, because he is All Hog, unlike whoever that loser is that runs the pink puppy organization. Side note, I hope Muss never schedules ASU. EVER! After the crap they pulled this year, acting like they had been bullied, they don’t deserve to ever breathe the rarified air of The Basketball Palace of Mid America. Period. Rant over, but I kinda hoped Desi and Ethan might go play for Darrell. I have no animosity toward UALR, and I have a sneaking suspicion Darrell might have done us a solid in not making it hard for Kamani to end up on The Hill.


OT I know, but yeah–that “We will not be bullied” thing was weird from A-State. Quite a response to “We have an open date; do you want to play?”

That’s because their HC is an absolute clown.

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You’re so right. He is a clown and is exactly what they deserve.

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With the transfer portal, Kimani is able to put his name in the portal, whether Darrell likes it or not. To my knowledge, Darrell tried to get Kimani to stay.

UALR went backwards from the previous season’s title run. Transfers of PG Markquis Nowell, Kimani and Kris Bankston and others has put Darrell in a hole. Darrell has found a goldmine in recruiting of Easter Europeans but that is not enough. Next season is critical for Darrell. That good feeling that was there at the end of 19-20 season is no longer there.

Maybe Desi could change his fortunes. I’m pulling for Darrell. He’s family.


Me too. I increased my contributions to UALR when he was hired. I hear that is an option for Desi but Desi wants to go a SEC school or a P5 school. I am surprised he is still on the market. Hopefully our insiders can tell us what is going on.

Just guessing here, but the exit wasn’t handled in great fashion so that may be giving some coaches caution.

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That’s to bad.
Which part of the exit we talking about?

Desi’s social media messages

Yea that’s what I thought.

I think that’s really dumb. Every single kid in the portal is there because they feel they were held back by their last coach. Desi is the only one who said it. I mean what do we except here? Kids supposed to act like this is about finding a better fit for their family or higher Salary. Heck no they can’t say that. This is about getting playing time and shots period.

Or did Desi say something worse that I missed on the social media’s??

No he got into it with some fans and went off, don’t remember exactly what.