Essentially won the game without our 3 best players

You can argue who the 3 best players are, but you can make a solid argument we were without our best 3 tonight (Burks, Boyd, Brown).

Catalon, Marshall, Pool also in that conversation.

The point is, who could’ve imagined this a few months ago?

Love this team and coaching staff.

We’re going to win more games, and the future finally, legitimately looks bright.


We are coming.

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Also Dorian Gerald.

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Totally agree. We were missing 4 of our best players and still essentially won.

That said, anyone who doesn’t think Franks is one of our best 5 players…well…you are either watching a different team…or expect all QBs’ to play like Tom Brady.

I could make an argument that Franks is playing as well as any QB in the league right now. He certainly is as talented as any I have seen.


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