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I Was listening to Rick Neuheisel & Chris Childers on Full Ride yesterday. They were discussing programs moving up and down. They both said at this time there is only one “Coach of the Year” in college football. Their words “It isn’t even close”. Of course it was Sam Pittman. They would through the stats of what he has accomplished on both sides of the ball. The fact that no matter what the records show he is 2-1 for the season winning two SEC games when the team had not won one in two years.


That’s great news for the program in so many ways and anyone can see what is happening at Arkansas. The best way I can describe what CSP and staff has pulled off to this point is “Building it the right way”, coaching is all about making players better than they were when they arrived physically, mentally and them believing/ buying in. Our staff has improved our guys on both sides of the ball and have done exceptionally well with their next man up attitude. They have fully demonstrated “use what you have to make it work”, kind of like a chef making a gourmet meal even when he doesn’t have all the best ingredients but knows how to substitute what you have on hand to get the desired result. Yes you can say I’m doubling up on the Kool Aid because I’m fully bought into the idea of this staff changing the direction of our program. WPS


I like the fact they recognize AR with a 2-1 record, winning 2 SEC games. I totally agree.


It is the real truth. Now the SEC is deaf, dumb, blind and stupid so they think Auburned won it. Sadly the record books will have it wrong. It at least deserves an asterisk.

This is why mcdaid is trying to speak to Arkansas fans thru the press - The SEC is being called to task by sports media for robbing Arkansas - Now Arkansas finds a way to beat Ole Miss and watch the Media Hog Pile on the SEC office for Arkansas Record really being 3-1

I Love being an irritant to the Old SEC

So happy for the positive press and this has to help recruiting - Coach Sam and his Razorbacks are the football Cinderella this year - I love it

Arkansas is 1-2*

  • (Note Arkansas record is actually 2-1 because of SEC Official incompetence or graft )

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