ESPN's FPI says Hogs..

will win 1 SEC game this year. That’s Mizzou. And we only have a 52% chance to beat Mizzou.
The following is our percentage chance of winning our other conference games this season :
Texas A&M: 26%
Bama: 17%
Ole Miss: 34%
Auburn: 21%
Florida: 49%
LSU 29%
Mississippi State: 49%

We should just pack it up and move on to next season. sarcasm.

I’m glad football is played on the field and not left up to a computer.

What did it say about TCU this time last week?

We’ve played one sixth of the season. Computer ratings at this point are garbage. Not enough data. They’re still working off expectations, not information. Come back in a month and then check it out.

These percentage things change as the season progresses. I’ve never paid much attention to them. The truth is, we could lose all those games or we could win all those games. I’ll be at all of them and enjoy every minute. This team will be in all of them, I think, and will never quit. I feel we will win most of them. Way too many variables to have confidence in percentages when games are several weeks away…

I have not been impressed with the FPI. It gives favorites way to high of percentages to win. I want to say it said TCU was like 90% last week, but I don’t remember for certain.

I think it was closer to 60 percent, but it did favor TCU.

I really like the FPI, but it’s like any other performance-based predictor . . . MUCH more accurate in the second half of the season than it is in Game #3.

If it takes 1/2 of the season of actual results for FPI to be reliable, then it is not an analytical tool. It corrects itself in the first half so it can accurately chronicle and apply in the last half. That is no analytical tool at all.

I don’t have the slightest clue how FPI works or whether it’s supposed to be an analytical tool. All I know is it’s hard to know much about a football team this early in the season. It’s even harder to know how they’ll do late when other factors, like injuries, take different tolls on different teams. So I have no faith at all in something that tells me 2 games in what our chances are against OM or LSU several games from now. I don’t need a computer of any sort to tell me Alcorn State has no chance to beat us in LR and I don’t need one to tell me who are likely to be the better SEC teams over the course of the year. Finally, I don’t need a computer to tell me there’ll be unpredicted surprises. In other words, those percentages are meaningless. Anyone on this board could come up with percentages that are as accurate