ESPN's FPI projects Hogs to win

7.1 games this season…updated to present time.

That’s the 4 wins we already have, and 3.1 projected over the next 5 games.

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Let’s hope we get to round that .3 up! :slight_smile:

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I’d LOVE it if we won all 5, Cody. But I’d be satisfied if we end up 7-5, especially if we show well in our Bowl game.

I’d think that would satisfy the great majority of Razorback fans, based on realistic expectations less than 2 months ago.

The team has the desire, just don’t think we have enough horses yet

Yeah, after last Saturday, I’ll also be satisfied with 7-5. I’ll be very happy if we happen to win @ LSU and get to 8-4. That should get Sam SEC coach of the year unless Kirby goes undefeated. Going back to pre-season, I would have been very happy with 7-5 and would have thought it would be a GREAT job by Sam.

I do recognize that 4-0 start created somewhat unrealistic goals for Sam and this team.

You have that one correct. The horses we do have are hurt and dinged up. With just a little depth on the back end of the defense the hogs beat Ole Miss and Auburn.
In year 2 under Coach Pittman anything beyond 6 wins is a bonus! We all need to be happy with the fight and heart our hogs have played with last year and to this point this season.

Hogs will likely be favored in four of the five games. Only Alabama will be clearly favored. Ole Miss is given 71%chance to beat LSU and Corral is questionable to play( I think he will) but that is Hugh home field advantage given how Hogs played there. Two weeks to get back on track.

For now let’s just concentrate on getting to 5-3, so that we are not eating Crowe after the game on Saturday!

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I am happy with the progress. Just wonder how the Hogs will stop anybody with that pitiful defense we have seen. They have made almost no stops in 3 games (I know, injuries etc). Just wonder if we are going to have to out score them all. Hate to have to count on that.

The defense out played the offense against Auburn! Back to back stops to start the 3rd quarter and that was after the hogs opened up with a scoring drive.
The offense went backwards from the 11 to give up a stripe and score in the end zone. So I think it was more of a failure on the offense.
By no means is the defense perfect but they will get better. With Catlon out it will rough.

If we get to 7 wins that will be pretty big for the program!

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That’s one gam better than I projected

Then win a bowl game abd 8 wins is huge for where Arkansas has been

Just making a bowl game will help the Hogs! It would be nice to get away from the 11am kickoffs.


Absolutely - its so good to see Arkansas winning again and 6 - 7 wins is far above my 5 win est and hope for 6 - very proud of this team and Coach Sam

Next season could be a rough one. The super seniors have played a lot this season. KJ will need to continue to improve and there will be a host of staters to replace. The portal needs to be good to the hogs.
Get a couple more wins and recruit.
The extra practices and a bowl game is huge! Coach has the hogs headed in the right direction.


Yes I anticipate that - Razorback fans need be stetting down - we are heading the right direction - Pray Coach Sam stays till 70

Love Coach Sam, but he needs to put a lot more horses in the barn going forward. We just don’t look like an SEC team when the 1’s go out. It looks like we are getting it done with super glue, duct tape, and want-to right now. We are beat up and have zero depth. The schedule did us no favors. I just hope these kids hold onto the rope for the rest of the season and give Sam something to build on going forward. Go Hogs!

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He wants to stay as long as he can.
Next year we will see a youth movement. As long as they continue to play with a lot and fight and heart I will be fine with what ever the record is.

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Totally agree Army - I’m trying to focus on this year and savor it

Disappointed with ole miss and Auby losses

Uga loss I’m just glad our Razorbacks got out alive

But that’s the standard. Dominate like UGA and hoping Arkansas with cia h sam will get there