ESPN's Finebaum Piles On CBB

I have to agree with Paul, and these next two weeks are about to make it worse.

It’s hard to watch, I honestly don’t know if I will again. For the first time in my life I’m emotionless when it comes to Razorback football.

Before someone tries to say it, Paul has in the past been an advocate of Bret and talked about how he likes him. After the end of last year is when you could see he knew it wasn’t going to work. Has a realistic view of Bret.

Nobody is a bigger supporter of CBB than I am. I like the way he’s tried to build the program–with players who have character, are smart, & stay out of trouble. But the handwriting is on the wall. We’re about to start the season 2-5 with wins coming against cupcakes. The losses to TCU & A&M were heartbreaking because we were close enough to have won. The SC loss was terrible. Now we’re about to play 2 of the 3 best teams in the league & will lose by a lot.

I’m afraid the team has quit or is about to. We might beat OM because they have probably quit, too. We’ll beat Coastal & perhaps Mizzou. 5-7 is the best likely scenario, 4-8 or even 3-9 is possible. With that it’s almost impossible to keep CBB. I’d be for giving him another year, but I know our fan support will be so low that it can’t happen.

However, I still resent some of the people who seem to thrive on “fire the coach” talk. It’s as if the only catharsis for a disappointing season or seasons is to draw blood. Makes me sick, seen it with every coach we’ve had (except perhaps BP). We’ll start over. Have a coach the majority support but a few will whine that he’s not the guy who can do it & then as soon as he shows any flaw, they’ll pounce.

Not much of a Finebaum fan but he is totally right, you could call this thing that Bielema and Long have created a dumpster fire, FUBAR and SNAFU all rolled into one and it only took them five years, they both should be fired for incompetence.

If there was any other school in the SEC that had a coach with Bielema’s record of accomplishment, or lack thereof, we as Arkansas fans would be chortling and laughing our collective butts off if that school kept him for a sixth year.

Finebaum is on point.

Never liked the guy, never. Acted like a 3rd grader in battling tweets with Wisconsin fans after he was hired, wife opens her big trap with her “Karma” remarks to Wisconsin. Wines about hurry up offenses, talks crap about spread offenses, then gets beat by the team that his spread offense remark was intended to, upset by Toledo, almost beat by Louisiana Tech, gets beat by 53 points to Auburn in year 4 of his tenure… Has a television show when he is in a hot seat year. Has proven he can not make half time adjustments in losses to Missouri (An SEC winless team at the time) Virginia Tech, Toledo, and etc. As an Wisconsin , scores 83 points, throwing in the 4rth quarter, but bi+%hes and wines about how unsafe up-tempo games are. It is all about BB, it is about his paycheck, His trophy wife, his television show,his tweets. Hate him. He has done nothing to convince me he is a good man or a good coach.

Anybody notice Wisconsin has never stopped winning. As a matter of fact a former Wisconsin coach who won 10 games and left for Oregon State has been fired after 6 games, Time to do the same. Where’s Jack Crowe? That is how much I hate BB.

He’s contractually obligated to do the coach’s show.

They do it about an hour after each game.

I’m sure it’s not his favorite thing, but he has to do so.

So that should move down the list of top criticisms.

And he puts zero effort… does it right after the game so no time to process what happened and why it happened. Probably Petrino did the best job of breaking down the game, diagraming plays, etc.

That is the thing about all of the message boards that has turned me off. I’m disappointed in what CBB has be able to accomplish, but I don’t understand all the venom being spewed at him and Jeff Long. I only feel that way about my ex-wife. :smiley:

I think the original post was referring to Being Bret Bielema.

Most people that spew venom have their own miserable life and making someone else’s life miserable makes them not feel so bad. There’s no other reason. This is a message board. We don’t make the decisions. Some think they have that power. They don’t. They are just miserable themselves. Sad.