ESPN's CFB Power Rankings

A little consolation after a loss. They ranked us 17th, and the highest ranked 2 loss team. OM was 13th. It was clear we played them dead even on their home field.

I’m NEVER satisfied with a loss. However I believe that nearly everyone’s pre season hopes for this team can still be exceeded. It may not happen, but we still have a pretty clear path to 9-3 barring major injuries.


Hogs have played six games, four against ranked opponents. They average 459 on offense. That isn’t bad against that sort of competition.

Georgia stuffed them. We know that.

But they made 471 against Texas and 676 against Ole Miss. I doubt an Arkansas team has ever done that.


I went out on the line in a post predicting we finish with 10 wins. I honestly believe that if we can just get past Auburn to UAPB and the open date, heal up a little…then we will only lose one more game. Including the bowl (granted I have no idea who the bowl opponent would be…but they won’t be in the SEC West. I know that).

I am predicting a loss to Bama…and that’s it. Win the rest. I believe its very possible.

Oh…I should add…we all better get used to yesterday with Ole Miss as long as Lane is there. Awesome offense. Mediocre defense. High scoring games. It will make him the media darling even more than he already is. He won’t win championships. But they will be good…and try to just outscore you. Year after year. Until he inevitably bolts from Oxford for what he perceives as greener pastures.


There’s no doubt Kiffin is a great offensive coach. I’m not convinced he can recruit very well to Ole Miss although OM seems to always be slightly above us in recruiting rankings. I don’t know what to predict about their future. I know what I hope—and it’s not good for Ole Miss. It should be difficult for them to get many QB’s the quality of Corral.

I believe for Arkansas to be successful, we need to regularlly beat OM & MSU as well as MU. If the SEC goes to a POD or 3-perm opponent system, our overall schedule could get slightly better. We should get more So Car, Vandy, KY, & TN and less Alabama, LSU, & Auburn. Of course we’re likely to see a lot of Tex & OU, but I don’t think either is as good as what we’ve been used to facing.

We just need our recruiting to get better. That’s something CSP seems to be doing.

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A lot of the Twitter stuff Kiffin does is for recruiting purposes. However, Arkansas is the better job situation due to only one university with full support of the state fan base. I think it was telling that they had home coming, nationally ranked football team and Heisman leading candidate and they could not sell the game out with great tailgating weather in Groove. Will be interesting to see if they get to the ten win mark in year two if recruiting will pickup. SP is doing a good job of managing the Arkansas program in his second year as a head coach.

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