As I understand it, every game of this regional will only be available via the ESPN3 stream. Doug Sherman and John Gregory are going to be the commentators. It will also be ESPN3 only for at least two other sites, Chapel Hill and Raleigh.

I get the decision. ESPN has sent its TV talent to places where there is going to be more interest - places like Tallahassee, Austin, Corvallis and Greenville where there are multiple Power Five teams. Arkansas is the only team that moves the needle in Fayetteville. Southern Miss, Dallas Baptist and Oral Roberts all have small fan bases and are not going to provide a large TV audience.

That’s about right. I hope LSU gets the possum fed to them by Oregon State on National TV!
Maybe we get on the big network for the super if we make it!

I’m pretty sure all of the super regional games are on network TV.

In looking through the TV listings for this weekend, Arkansas’ ESPN3 team has been split up and sent in different directions for the regional. Brett Dolan will be the play-by-play man for the Chapel Hill Regional, and Troy Eklund will be the color commentator for the Raleigh Regional.