ESPN3 Announcers for Hogs vs Aggies question

Not sure if I have the name right, but I watched the game on ESPN3 and one of the
announcers I want to say his name was Mark Johnson just really seemed like a mumbler.
Not only that, but, you’d have thought someone had pee’d in his post toasties everytime
the Razorbacks did something good. Was/is he some sort of Aggie Homer?

BTW for you young whipper snappers… pee’d in his post toasties is an old expression. If
you are not sure what it means ask your dad or grandpa.


Plus once he started talking, he did not know when to shut up. Color analysts should be short and concise, not long winded.

All of the announcers in the SEC digital network are affiliated with the home team. They are selected and hired by the school’s media departments. Some are more neutral than others, but they are all naturally going to know more about their own team than the opppnent.

Mark Johnson is the former, longtime Head Coach at AM

I’ve said this in the past, but Arkansas is fortunate to have SEC Network announcers that don’t show a lot of bias. That’s what I want in a game broadcast.

Every team has a former coach or player as an analyst on their home broadcasts. I think most either don’t get or don’t care that another fan base is watching.

Alex Perlman drives me nuts but he at least makes an effort to be semi-neutral. The Aggie crew last night did no such thing. If Perlman isn’t coming back next year, they could do a lot worse for his replacement.

I prefer wee wee’d in his Cheerios myself Votan, but that’s just me. :wink:

I didn’t realize the home school provided the announcers, that explains much about the various SECN+
broadcasts I 've managed to catch.

Either way, the color guy is anything but colorful. He is awful! He rambles, mumbles, doesn’t talk into the mic, and tells boring stories. Hard to watch.

Which is exactly why I listen to Phil. You can watch the SEC network+ video and listen on Tunein if you are out of radio range.

It was clear he’s not an announcer by trade but I thought he was really fair. They talked up Arkansas a lot and weren’t overtly cheering for TAMU. When Tamu thought they were getting worked by a really steady and consistent ump Thursday they didn’t bite on that.

His delivery wasn’t great but I’m surprised people think he was too biased. He was one of the better opposing ones I have heard this year in that regard.

I can’t stand Perlman. He gets more excited when the opponent does something than he does when the Hogs do. He overcorrects and it is very grating.

The announcer praised the Hogs and how they played well in all facets of the game. And, they did. He sounded like an ex-coach, and that is ok.

I thought the Aggie team was quite fair. Certainly much better than some I’ve heard this year. I got really annoyed watching the first game against Alabama where they talked incessantly about the Bama coach. I also got tired of hearing about the Ole Miss catcher who is undoubted the best to ever play the game. I’m amazed OM isn’t at least 24-6 in the SEC with him behind the plate.

I can’t say I was annoyed with today’s crew in our game with the Ags, but I got bit amused when they talked about how good the Aggie ptiching was. About the moment they said they were deeper than LSU & UF and were “amazed” at the pitching talent, we knocked got a beauty of a base hit. Might have been Spanberger’s second HR. They immediately had to backtrack & talk about how Ark hitting could make any pitching staff look bad.