ESPN3 and Razorback Broadcast

First let me set the stage so to speak. I have a very nice system thats
hooked into a great fibre-optic connection. Good enough that today
I had two live streaming games going at once. So my bandwith or
system or set-up is not the problem.

Anyways… today I watched baseball all day long on ESPN3 and never
had an issue until the razorback game came up. Then it seemed to
freeze about every min or two!! it was almost unwatchable. Constant
freeze at just a tight moment and I’d get back and have to guess what
happened. Anyone got any idea why this seemed to be the only
game that gives me issues. Is it something coming from Baum thats
causing this. Really odd that every other game is fine but the Hogs.
Really starting to piss me off!!

Has worked flawlessly for me during this game… on my Amazon Fire… HD the entire game

Our Amazon Fire was pretty jumpy.

We had two laptops going…my husband had his and I had mine. We were both logged in the same way yet he was a full pitch or two ahead of me. So strange.

I did have lots of freezing also.

I have Comcast Infinity which is about the fastest internet you can buy and it froze up on me quite a bit I had to go back and restart it all the time would finally help me is just to shut it down and get back on and it work a little bit better but this is the only thing I stream that I have problems with!! Tonight I think we are on ESPNU and my cable doesn’t have that so I’ll have to watch it on this crap again I guess.

I have Spectrum cable with the “Turbo” speed option. HD for every game so far with no freezes or hiccups. I think it is as much local provider as broadcast. Sometimes I do have issues streaming, just not so far during the Baseball games.