Dick Vitale and the crew were bashing the committee about leaving Syracuse out! They also had the spineless Jim B the Syracuse coach on and he was crying about not getting in the Dance. He said his resume this year is better than last year when he got in. Well he should not have gotten in the. Either.

If you take their resume and change the name to Ole Miss, instead of Syracuse, then they would not even mention it on the Selection Show. I don’t believe an at large team with a RPI in the 80’s has ever gotten into the tourney and that is where they they were in the RPI.

Syracuse needs to play a tougher nonconference schedule with more road games. Then they need to win more games away from home. So they have no one to blame but themselves.

Bilas disregarded about 5 bad Syracuse losses and said it’s not about who beats you but is aboht who you beat.

So dumb. It should all matter.

He also cried a river over Duke as a 2. I got a kick out of he and Seth Greenburg sparring.

That wasn’t some ginned up, fake debate show. They legitimately dislike each other and Bilas got his Duke underwear in a knot over someone repeatedly disagreeing with him and then the biggest cheater in college sports calling him a homer.

I agree. I wish Seth and Bilas would have been able to argue about it a little longer, but got cutoff so they could talk to the slimeball in Lexington.

I just got a chance to watch it on DVR. That’s a really bad look for Boeheim, whining like that, and then throwing other teams under the bus, like Wake Forest, and saying they should have got in over them. Does he not realize they had an 84 RPI, a 2-11 road record, 14 losses, and 199 OOC SOS. You’re not getting in the tournament with numbers like that, I don’t care who you beat at home. If it wasn’t Syracuse this wouldn’t even be a discussion. The committee did them a favor by even putting them in the last 4 out list.

And Jay Bilas, he was the worst of all of them. He was trashing everything the committee did. And saying how they got non-basketball players on the committee that out vote the actual former basketball players and they don’t know basketball, and just going on and on about how bad their seedings are. Sounds like somebody mad they aren’t on the committee.

Last year, Syracuse’s nonconference SOS was 100th in Pomeroy. They were 10-3 with good wins over aTm and UConn, an OT loss to Wisconsin. The Orange started 18-8, lost five of their last six before the Dance, all the losses to top 50 opponents, four away from home. Syracuse was 50th in offensive efficiency and 17th on defense.

Syracuse a year ago beat Duke (on the road), Notre Dame and Florida State in conference play.

This year, Syracuse’s nonconference SOS was 254th in Pomeroy. They were 8-5 with no good wins and losses to so-so UConn, Georgetown and St. John’s, two of those at home. The Orange started 16-9, lost five of their last seven. Two of their losses were road games against Pitt and Georgia Tech, both well below the top 50. Syracuse was 30th in offensive efficiency but 104th on defense.

Syracuse beat Duke, Virginia, Florida State, Wake Forest and Miami at home in conference play. That’s Boeheim’s lone argument, the five ACC wins at home against NCAAT teams. Those didn’t offset the poor nonconference performance and lack of road wins.

If Syracuse had simply beaten Pitt OR Georgia Tech on the road, and/or not lost in the first round of the ACCT, it probably would have gotten in. Right? They had it in reach and blew it.

If that was the case then we easily would’ve been a 7. What I learned from the committee is that the conference tournaments are essentially meaningless, it’s not about a total body of work but who your worst losses, best wins were, and that they think RPI is subjective.