ESPN watch app has a picture of JD

And under it says LSU and Auburn 1pm.

So there is that.

Maybe a little slip of the script?

I notice more and more errors on graphics, scores, game times, etc. on both national and local telecasts. On a local sports segment on the news yesterday, they said the Hogs won the first game of a double-header 7 - 3. No idea where they got that score. I don’t know how many times I see the abbreviation AK for Arkansas. I see scores flipped even though the announcer is saying it correct: Arkansas defeated Penn State today in the Outback Bowl -

Penn State 24
Arkansas 10

The distraction of devices telling us 24 / 7 about the world and every move of every person we’ve ever met is taking it’s toll on the people responsible for putting out the information. Just my VVVHO. :smirk:

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