ESPN Updated their rankings for our class … class/2018

Last week they didn’t have 3 of our guys ranked. All of them have now received their rankings. And we have a total of four 4-star recruits (Henderson, Chaney, Embery, and Joe) and two 3-star recruits (Sills and Phillips), which both 78 which is a high 3-star.

Also, Dudley asked CMA about the class in the press conference. And one of the key takeaways that I got from it is he said he fell in love with Reggie Chaney after watching him play. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say that about a recruit, it’s got me really looking forward to seeing what he could do next year, from the amount of recruiting effort they put into him he seems to be the big prize in this class.

That is ESPN’s #27 class, for perspective.

I seen that, I don’t think it’s updated since they’ve added the rankings of Embery, Sills, and Phillips. We have the #21 on 247 sports and our guys aren’t rated as highly as they are with ESPN. I’d imagine we’d be top 20 once they update it.

Phillips is probably underrated based on reports, and Sills sounds like a player that is a perfect fit to succeed here.

Looks like RIVALS has updated their rankings also… … basketball

FWIW, I really don’t understand why Henderson is rated higher than Phillips.

Ethan Henderson athleticism is elite he can absolutely jump out of the gym, he’s shown flashes of being really good. Plus he played on a major AAU circuit so a lot of scouts got a chance to see him. Phillips may end up being a better player, but he played on a smaller AAU circuit, and he was hurt in the Spring so he didn’t get seen as much. But, you know what they say once they step on campus those rankings get thrown out of the window and they have to prove themselves.

Rivals has us 9th…wow…big discrepancy between them and ESPN.

Yeah, it’s just star, er opinions.

i am most excited about henderson. just as i am most excited about gafford this year. both are highly regarded but still slightly overlooked. these two guys can get us back to playing big boy basketball above the rim with the likes of North Carolina and Kentucky. if gafford stays out of foul trouble watch out for major noise at pk80. he is key. next year if he stays around to join henderson and chaney, HOGS ARE BACK