ESPN Tournament Challenge bracket

Has anyone seen this tournament bracket from ESPN?
I filled it out with all my projected winners thru the second round. Of course I picked AR over Illinois and Kansas. From there on, I let them do a random completion of the bracket. I was surprised that they had us playing AZ in the championship game. I figure that’s a long shot but not impossible.
Just found it hopeful, but surprising.

I have us playing the Vols in the championship game. I’m kinda a homer.

Well we know what Tenn is capable of. I know nothing about AZ except that they are a 2 seed.
I’ve seen where some have them as a favorite to win it all though.

I have us playing Bama (and winning) :slight_smile:

I don’t suspect I am going to win the challenge.


I have Hogs playing Bama and losing. Let’s face it, Bama has more guns than the Hogs.

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Well I’ll take my hat off to that one.

That wasn’t a cheap shot either. I’m referring only to bama character.