ESPN top 30 has Hogs in top 10

Richard, how long does it take for you to get a feeling on how serious an offer might be, or what the realistic chances are for getting a player?

I realize probably 95% of the kids are going to say how blessed they are, blah, blah.

Are all of the myriad offers immediately committable? Or would you be privy to that information? Would you know if a kid says all the right things, but really has no interest?

And would a coach tell you that we have no chance? Even on the QT?

I look at making an offer like asking for a date. When they come for an unofficial visit or cut the list down to 10, you could say they have agreed to go out with you, Don’t get worked up until then.

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When they talk about visiting and follow through on it.

Every staff has a board of prospects and they’re listed by priority. It’s all about having the right sources in regards to your other questions. By checking with different sources, I usually have a good idea where Arkansas stands with recruits.

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How do you feel about the transfers? Think we would take Weaver? I know the numbers aren’t right at the moment but have to think he would make the numbers work if it’s the right transfer. Believe I saw where Weaver is committing June 1 and several Dayton people think he’s going there.

I swore I answered this but I guess I didn’t hit reply. As you can see, I posted about Weaver in another thread. In the post that didn’t get posted, I said I was hearing he was going to announce today and I didn’t think it was Arkansas.

That is too bad. I had high hopes he could be the guy for the 2021-22 season. He is going to Dayton.

Next hope McClung.

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