ESPN: "The Rugged Big 12"

Didn’t they come up short to the SEC this year.

I think it will probably take a good showing in the Big Dance for a lot of the national talking heads to actually take the SEC seriously as a basketball conference that goes beyond Kentucky and Florida. They fawn over Bruce Pearl, so some Auburn love will probably be the most noticeable difference going into the tournament, with every one else being an “oh yeah, they are in the field, too”.

It’s well known there is no respect given to SEC basketball or the Hogs. Seth referred to us as Ar-Kansas. They are all glowing about Auburn and not admitting that Lying “Bruce” will probably end up in a chair next to them next season and get another show cause from the NCAA!
You can read a story about how the SEC has gotten better. When they mention the good coaches they do not mention Mike Anderson. When they talk about team getting in the Dance they talk about every team listed in the projected filed and at the end they continue to smear our hogs referring to us being a bubble team that can’t win on the road and our bad losses to LSU. Well 7 seed Texas A&M lost 2 games to LSU! The 3 games we just won Ole Miss beat Alabama and that hasn’t been mentioned. And you could write a book on the hype train on Kentucky and Greaseball “Ball”.
This whole corrupt system from the SEC commissioner, the refs, the announcers, the NCAA rules enforcement staff and the NCAA selection committee are interested in one thing money!
We end up being sacrificed to North Carolina almost every time we go to the Dance and if the refs have to get involved to help they always do their part. Even back in the 90’s the UCLA game we got hosed by the refs! The hogs have to win out right if it’s close we will take the loss in the 8-5 matchup on the floor.
This year at Moo U is a small snapshot of the way this conference treats our hogs and you can see it by the free throw shots taken by Moo U and the hogs! You can see it by how the refs use the cylinder rule to call fouls aginst us and then watch Auburn do the same things thing without fouls being called. This bias officiating happens in every major sport the hogs compete in! I do realize that refs will make mistakes but when they go to a replay and a shot was taken after the clock hits 0000
And they still give our opponent the 3 points that makes it pretty obvious. The clock was at the end of the first half a couple of years ago aginst Ole Miss and it was at the Bud!
I accept the fact the hogs have to build a lead and beat the 5 players on the court and the 3 refs!