ESPN takes a look back at the Recruiting class of 2019

Some might think this should be in the recruiting forum…but since it deals with players who are now active (or departed), I thought it fit better here.

EDIT - didn’t notice that this article was behind a pay wall (ESPN+)…it just opened for me (yes, I have ESPN+) so I thought it was a normal ESPN article (Side note for separate discussion…it appears more and more of ESPN’s content will be sliding over to ESPN+ over the next few years. This past fall, there were a handful of games streamed on ESPN+, but I believe they were also available on the SEC app if you subscribed to a service that provided ESPN. At some point, the games will only be available on ESPN+. Same with men’s basketball).

Cliffs Notes - our re-ranked class comes in at #9 for 2019.

It is in the recruiting forum, Wiz.

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