Espn story on Kiffin and Leach

Will see. I have worked with those people. It will not end like Army/Navy for sure. They hate each other.

I believe between Leach and Kiffin the fireworks could get pretty bad. The hate is real and those guys have never been accused of backing of from speaking their minds.


It shall be great entertainment. I wonder if they will report any recruiting violations?

Just every little thing they can even half sort of prove. We know ole miss is or has been as dirty as it gets and MSU has probably tried to keep up (Surpassed in basketball). Both programs are far enough down the pole that the NCAA might even do their job. this is not one of their special cash cows.

I predict a fist fight in pre-game warmups in the Egg Bowl. Leach drops Kiffin with a groin kick. He is a dirty, pirate, you know.

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