ESPN Spinning the accomplishment of Michigan and Baylor

Don’t get me wrong, they both had amazing seasons. Amazing… but ESPN kept harping on the great turnarounds in year 2 of the program in Baylor for Dave Aranda and comparing it to Michigans season difference from 2020 to 2021… Both +10 win turnarounds…

Yes they did turn it around… but it could have also been framed as the year before they only lost 4 games and this year just 2. Thats not that big of turnaround as a +10 WIN claim.

Here is the catch… both Baylor and Michigan only played 6 games in 2020 and both were 2-4.

I have a hard time giving them a +10 game credit (while yes there are 10 more victories) when the year before they opted to not play over half their games.


Our story is better. But they just have to pump up the current show. IMO

Baylor played 9 games in 2020 and finished 2-7.

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Your right… I looked up michigan and I swear when I checked Baylor it was the same… my mistake.

Mostly, with eSPN, it’s eyeballs watching the TV. Meecigan wasn’t as good as Cincy. I hope Cincy doesn’t have a bunch of seniors return for next season.

Both games in the semifinals were disappointing. Not very competitive. Shows how much better the SEC is.

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Yes, Alabama and Georgia have elite SEC teams. The remainder of the teams not so much so……just look at the bowls and who won.

The Big Ten COVID protocol in 2020 was so stringent that teams were not going to get to play some games; it was just a given (having medical doctors as presidents of two of the B1G schools probably had something to do with that). Meechigan never got to the level of positive tests that it was automatically shut down under the protocol, but it was in the next level and the school’s medical people shut them down anyway – no practices, no games. I promise you if we’d been in the Big Ten, we would have missed several games that year under their protocol (we probably should have missed the LSU game anyway).

I think it was Indiana that had a player get really sick with COVID, the virus-related myocarditis. So their extra caution was understandable.

I was impressed with Baylor the four or five times I watched the Bears play this year. That defensive turnaround there is impressive. It has been a long time since Baylor has fielded a defense anywhere near that level.

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