ESPN/SEC Network predictions

“Expert” picks - Ole Miss over Razorbacks:

Herbstreit: WRONG
Corso: WRONG
Howard: WRONG
Flair!: WRONG
Tebow: WRONG
Spears: WRONG
Finebaum: WRONG

My prediction (date stamped before game)

Hogs 34 Rebels 29 (ok, I was off one point)


Keep pickin the Hogs. :smiley:

In fairness, alot of these guys were high on the Hogs until our o-line performed poorly against the aggies and tide. Now that our running game made a strong appearance again (albeit against a mediocre run defense) they may come back around.

One thing for sure…we need to run it again this Saturday.

We all picked Ole Miss in the magazine, too. I know a lot of people did in the score prediction thread as well. Everyone has been waiting for Arkansas to show something along the lines. It finally did so Saturday.