ESPN/SEC announcers

Is just me? It seems like I have spent all weekend listening to about how great our opponents are as we have been separating ourselves from the rest of the SEC that finished below us in the standings.

I agree. The second half today they gave us our due. But they gush about the other coaches/recruits around the league. Never mention our good class for next year.

Not just you, that’s how it’s been. First game vs Ole Miss all they talked about was Saiz. He scored like 8 points and the announcers were acting like he was going for 50. Then next game was all about the Vanderbilt’s Cinderalla story. Even the SEC panel (minus our man Pat Bradley) was all drinking the Vanderbilt kool-aid and thought they would beat us. And we all know tomorrow is all about Kentucky. And that’s fine, it makes our guys play with a chip on their shoulder. Kingsley is mad right now he didn’t get SEC defensive player of the year and first team so he’s showing up all these guys that were picked ahead of him.