ESPN scored big numbers last Saturday

Arkansas-Georgia was the network’s most-watched game this year and “College GameDay” also had its biggest audience of the season.

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Sure wish we would’ve showed better, but we were playing the Dallas Cowboys.

We’ll, what does that say? We are a small state with hardly an audience at all. It was not in prime time; actually, it was in that dreaded morning slot. National champion Alabama was on in the prime Saturday slot, and I don’t even know who had the prime evening slot.

How is it that poor Arkansas, who can’t recruit to them there hills, fared so well in viewing?

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LSU Auburn had the prime evening spot

But remember that the Bama/OM game was not on cable.
Our game was the highest rated ON CABLE.

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We would have scored on the cowgirls.

I’d rather score with a cowgirl–especially any of those on the sidelines of the Dallas games. Alas, there’s no chance.


Makes sense to why I’ve had so many, “Sorry about Saturday” from all my friends. Like our season is done now.

Wow! Those are great numbers

Sadly we couldn’t take advantage of them

But the team is headed the right direction

Our Razorbacks never quit and I promised along time ago if they fight to the end I’ll not criticize

I’m not criticizing- our Razorbacks fought to the end

We just need more recuiting and experience

Coach Sam has it going in the right direction whete this stage will be taken advantage of

Bow simply “Beat Ole Miss”

This game is now to decide the direction of both programs In The west this year

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