ESPN reports Bucky to Auburn

Looks like they worked it out. I saw last night that the fan base was divided big time on hiring him. (Imagine that) His past issues bothered some a lot. But winning football games is the bottom line. My son-in-law has family n Memphis that coached on his staff in High School. He says Hugh is a total jerk and that things happened there that were awful.

Apparently Lame Kiffin led Auburn on for a few weeks which worked really well for him.

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Obviously I posted this on the wrong board. Sorry, I’m old… :wink:

All the hookers around Fort Benning just went on high alert.

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From what I understand, Jimmy Rane wanted Freeze but other Auburn trustees wanted no part of him. Yella Fella pushed his weight (and $$$) around and Auburn ends up with Freeze.

The Auburn board (AUfamily) is going ballistic. Most of them had no use for Freeze and are highly POd.


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It’s always fun to see chaos at Auburn. I have no idea if Freeze is a good coach or not. He had success at ASwho & Ole Miss, but we know he cheated pretty brazenly at Ole Miss. Now that everyone can cheat, he won’t enjoy an advantage. Obviously he did well at Liberty, but after their win against us, that team went south.

I am positively flummoxed that more than one Auburn fan is being reported to have scruples! :thinking:


I love Auburn in a dumpster fire state!!

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I’m sure I met a few in my time over there. :joy::joy:

post of the week. :rofl:

Bucky owes us big time. If we had played real football and won that game, he would likely still be at Liberty.

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Auburn only hires ex Arkansas State coaches. Malzahn, Harsin and Freeze were all HC at ASU at one time. I guess when Freeze screws up (no pun intended) they will hire Butch Jones.

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Or they’ll dig up Bennie Ellender.


Here’s what I know.

Freeze can coach but so can Lane Kiffin, Mike Leach, Brian Kelly, Nick Saban, and Sam Pittman…and Jimbo has a bazillion dollars to buy the best players.

Every school’s boosters apparently can’t do math because it’s impossible for every team in the SEC West to win 10 games per year much less the division or the conference despite their expectations.

So Mr Freeze could be a great coach and have a great team but I’d bet money right now that he will disappoint the average booster - and we are talking Auburn.

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Freeze will have to play us again in Fayetteville next year. Let’s give him a real nice welcome…


Quite possibly, the whole year!!!

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Like someone said earlier, they already have Pearl on staff! Why would Auburn folks be surprised.


Do we have room for a Cadillac?

You know about them eh? :rofl: